To combat hot and cold spots in your home, a solution can range from a typical “airflow balance” to replacing your inadequate ducting to today’s standard of duct installation. Rooms throughout your home are of different sizes and shapes and are located at different points that obtain a variety of different heat loads than each other. Before we take invasive and expensive actions, sometimes a standard balance can be accomplished at a reasonable rate. One of our mechanics can measure the airflow in each room and find the rooms (usually bathrooms, closets, and pantries) that are receiving too much airflow. Once found, we can install airflow plugs to help direct airflow to more essential and needed rooms.

Most of the time this effort helps the issue; however, there are times when the end result does not meet the requested expectations of the homeowner. It is at that point when a more invasive action is needed. After verification that the system is sized properly, the coils and blower are clean, and the ducts are sealed, we can then look at either adding a return or increasing the size of the existing return vent, increasing the size of the existing supply vent, or replacing all of the ducting to meet today’s standard and technology.