By installing an HVAC UV light, you will reduce odors, kill viruses and bacteria and help to eliminate mold, mildews, fungi, and other organic growth, which will enhance your indoor air quality. Additionally, specific UV lights will help clean the coils the air passes through which will increase the efficacy of your HVAC system and maintain the energy efficiency you paid for.

  • Variety of benefits, depending on the light, as seen on the APCO-X brochure below
  • Neutralizes VOCs and odors
  • Disinfects the Coil
  • Complements the system HVAC filter
  • Safe and effective
  • Produces no dangerous airborne by-products, ozone, or additives
  • Turns HVAC ventilation into a whole home air purifier
    • Install Single Bulb under Coil
    • Install APCO-X Patriot Carbon Ballast in the ductwork
    • Install a Dual Bulb system to take advantage of both lights to keep the entire HVAC system and indoor environment as clean as possible

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